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Our Story

It took me 27 years filled with challenges before I discovered where my company and I should go from here.

During the early 1990s, the furniture retail industry was undergoing a transformation. Several companies became importers and it included our company. But, the company soon fell into problems and had difficulties supporting itself as an importer. We tried to find new opportunities in China and while some failed, our founder, Dato Peter Ng, decided to enter the manufacturing industry.


Dato Peter Ng used his 27-year experience in the furniture industry to come up with something new.

He then considered how furniture is used. Back in the past, furniture was mostly allotted for daily use. As time passes on, the furniture slowly rots and loses its overall value. When it could no longer be used, the pieces are just dumped and destroyed. Furthermore, the materials used were not replaced and caused problems for the environment.

With the dwindling supply of wood and other resources to make furniture, various means were developed to counter the problem.

Five years ago, it was discovered that real wood used in old furniture was more durable than the materials used to replace it. It will also not decay and each type of wood has unique patterns that will make each piece special. Since it will not decay easily, the furniture made with real wood can be preserved and become inheritance pieces.

Our founder saw the potential of using recycled real wood and slowly developed our company. The predecessor of our company was known as Holy Living before it became known as Wood Story.

As Wood Story, the company aims to create furniture that would shine forever and become pieces that can be inherited.


This mission set up by our founder bore fruit in more ways than he expected. Our founder saw that with our mission, we are able to contribute to the campaign to protect the environment.

Since we are recycling real wood from old furniture, we are helping protect the earth’s trees that are at risk from being used for new furniture. We are also preserving the value of wood previously used for other furniture to create high-quality products. With our furniture, our customers would have a better quality of life and become closer to one another.

Thanks to these factors, we were able to build Wood Story’s vision and its mission.

Wood Story also redefines how the company connects with the customers. With our mission and vision, we can create high-quality pieces for our customers that suit their needs. Meanwhile, we are also able to use a stronger platform to offer employment and business opportunities to the community through our mission.

Finally, our company’s mission and vision allow people to rediscover the importance of family time and history. As they gather around our pieces, families can reminisce the history of these pieces and build new memories. The pieces would be a part of the family and be with them for generations.

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