Mission, Vision and Philosophy

To you, it might be just a piece of wood but we see a piece of history. It might be just a chair but we see an art sculpture. 

The 27-Year Journey to Discovering the Company’s Mission


The history of wood use can be traced back as far as the early years of the first humans. It became the material used to build early hunting weapons, boats, tools and even a source for fire. As civilizations grew, more uses for wood have been developed and discovered. Some examples include furniture, building materials and coal.

But, as we continued to use wood, we do not consider what we are doing to the environment. As we keep cutting down trees to get wood, we are not replacing the supply. As a result, we are slowly losing our supply of wood and eventually lose it all together.

For companies like us, wood is a very precious material that has immense visual potential. No two pieces are the same and they vary from their texture, patterns and markings. When it is used in furniture, these unique wood characteristics makes it stand out. These pieces also have a story in them which adds to the history of each piece.

Through our furniture pieces, we hope to create pieces that your family can keep forever. Our pieces are finely crafted to perfection, giving you immense pride and happiness. We ensure that your pieces would withstand the test of time and still be used for generations. As you grow older, your children and their children can inherit these pieces as well.

With this in mind, you can be assured that your future generation will remember your family’s history and all the happy memories with these furniture.

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