Our craftsmen breathe life into every piece of wood. No detail is too small, no design is too difficult. Until the piece in our hands is perfect.

Every piece of furniture we create is handmade to order and finished by hand to ensure that our designs will match your needs. We take everything into consideration to ensure the piece matches your home’s interior: from the colors, texture to its designs.

We start by handpicking the materials we will use for the piece. We look into the timbers to see which wood would match the design we have in mind. Once we have selected the material, we would then use traditional tools like saws, mallets and chisels to construct the piece.

With the help of sturdy pegged mortice and tendon joints, we could create each part of the furniture without requiring glue. As a result, the final product is more durable and stronger against damage.

Although we use traditional methods to create furniture like in the old days, we have slightly modified it to match the current environment. We take into consideration elements that may damage the pieces over time like heating and air conditioning. We would then create methods to counter it with traditional methods.

We also take any type of furniture order: from creating furniture for a full-scale contract boutique hotel project or furniture for a simple home refurbishment project.

As one of the world’s most recognized leaders in high-end customized furniture making for the home and for hospitality. Our pieces will help enhance each space it is placed on, bringing in a sense of history, quality and timelessness in the space. People who see our pieces in your place will definitely be amazed of how it looks and feel.

Our pieces offer a throwback to the days when bespoke high-quality furniture that lasts were popular. With its return through our services, we reintroduce how great bespoke pieces are and why you should have such pieces at your home or office.

Come and walk into our world.

Reach out to us and find out how we create your furniture from scratch.
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