Our Projects

From an idea to completion, we carry you through every single detail and thought. Each project is meticulously nurtured with care and passion by us.

Natural beauty is both perfect and timeless. Even if it is unrefined, it possesses beauty that is unlike any other in the world. Once it is combined with human creativity, natural beauty can evolve into something more than its present image.

Our passion drives us to explore various options to enhance the natural beauty of the materials we use while retaining the classic elements of each piece. We also envision pieces which can become pieces that can be passed on to generations and become timeless.

While we create furniture pieces using solid wood, we allow its natural characteristics to influence our designs to make it refined and unique. Every piece of wood has unique characteristics that allow it to stand out.

We work with the best craftsmen, who can release the potential of the materials we use and create the designs we have envisioned. If clients wish to have bespoke pieces, our craftsmen can design it for you. You can simply contact us with your ideas and we will create the product for you.

Want to see some examples of our bespoke pieces? Here are some examples of our past projects for reference:

Airbnb Wangsa Baiduri

Great ideas sometimes come from dreams because it provide a visual of what you want to create. Our client wanted to create an environment that the entire family can enjoy. The pieces created for his accommodation fulfills his dream because it allows him to welcome visitors to his home and help them feel at home.

Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel

Located opposite of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping mall, the hotel offers modern and luxurious accommodations. We are proud to be a part of the team who assisted in the improvement of the hotel’s aesthetics with our furniture pieces.

Jelebu Resort

Situated near hills, lush greenery and mountains of Malaysia, the resort offers guests a unique and relaxing experience while surrounded by nature. The building is carefully built into this resort with the aim to enhance the relaxing ambiance of the resort and bring nature to every room. 

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