A Masterpiece

Bespoke furniture are like complete architecture on a minor scale. Each piece is carefully designed with much thought and handcrafted with precision by us.

About Us

Here at Wood Story, we create high quality furniture that are made with unique materials with a history. We take on every order with zeal and vigor because we know how important furniture is to you.

Each piece we create is not just a work of art; they are timeless pieces that you can pass down to future generations. Each piece has their own identity and character, matching your personality as they grow with you.

Truly Your Own

Look at every piece of furniture as an individual sculpture. No two furniture is the same just like no two pieces of wood has the same design.

Our Awards

The Inaugural Malaysian Brand

Organized by Femacga, the Inaugural Malaysia Brand Award has accorded recognition to businesses in local industries, especially well-known brands created by the Chinese community. We are proud that Wood Story is one of the award recipients for The Inaugural Malaysia Brand Award.

International Prestige Brand Award

International Prestige Brand Award celebrates new emerging products and services with outstanding performance among various fields every year. Wood Story is proud to be recognized as a highly valued brand.

Generations to Generations

Good furniture aged like fine wine – just divine. Endless delight and comfort from you to your children to your grandchildren.

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Whether you want a unique conversation starter in your living room or a grandeur piece

You can trust us to create the best only for the best.
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